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Open only for women.


Altadrine Cellulogy is a device designed by Alta Care Laboratoires to treat cellulite. It is a device that allows the therapist to personalize programs based on the customer’s needs. The hand piece includes rollers which provide an endodermic massage through compression and relaxation movements. When used in areas affected by cellulite, the rollers will improve tissue oxygenation and consequently reduce stretch marks and the appearance of orange peel. Skin will become smoother and firmer. Altadrine Cellulogy is a precious device that helps tone muscles in those areas of the body that are more prone to hypotonicity.

Altadrine Body Shaper offers a revolutionary method for slimming body treatment, which has given excellent results in experimentation. Results are visible from the very first treatment. Galvanization has the function of increasing the activity of the micro-circle, acting a vasodilator mechanism that releases the stagnation of cellulite and liquids. Bio stimulation on muscles creates a natural “pumping” to facilitate drainage of substances that, stagnating in tissues, generate cellulite and adiposity problems. Short-time results of biological normalization can be obtained without any risk using this method.
The benefit of this treatment is that after the body shaper treatment the client has the option to do a cellulogy treatment only in the areas where the cellulite is quite intense. Clients who opt for this treatment are usually clients that prefer a massage using the cellulogy instead of a manual one.

Recommended once or twice a month.

To book this treatment it is recommended to first purchase this treatment online. When you receive the confirmation of the payment as an e-voucher on your email address phone +39 06 69380852, or email : to book the time and the day of your reservation. Print the e-voucher and present it at the reception as proof of purchase. All purchases online are valid for one year and the purchase is also transferable to another person. All purchases even upon request are transferable in the form of a gift voucher that can be mailed to you loved ones. For further assistance email customer service :

Cancellations / No attendance – Please allow a min. of 24hrs for cancellations.

The e-voucher can only be used once and it contains a unique reference number which once redeemed will invalidate the voucher. All e-vouchers purchased are non refundable. All transactions carried out on this web site are done in a secure environment. All information including your credit card details are sent over the internet in an encrypted format.

  • An aromapatch is applied to the top of the towel before the treatment commences to aid relaxation.

  • Bearwalk welcome ritual is performed to relax the client and get them used to the therapist’s touch

  • The appropriate Dermastir serum is massaged onto the areas being treated.

  • Altadrine anti-cellulite gel is applied to the appropriate areas.

  • Altadrine Cellulogy roller is applied to specific areas following specific movements depending on the area and program selected.

  • Altadrine slimming patches will then be applied where needed to prolong the effect even after treatment.

  • Bearwalk finishing ritual is performed to complete the treatment.

  • 1 Litre of Altadrine thalasso drink is given to the client to drain the toxins away.

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