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Open only for women.


An exclusive massage carried out with a special cupping technique. Cups are applied on specific areas of the body, called “marma points” which match the nervous centers. The cupping technique has been renewed and perfected to the point that nowadays it is also practiced in beauty therapy. The technique consists of touching the areas to be treated with a glass cup to relieve muscle pain and reduce tension. From an aesthetic point of view, the benefits include body shaping, toning of tissues, treating and improving the appearance of cellulite. This technique can be applied to various issues, as the lymphatic system is reactivated by acting on blood circulation which in turn improves oxygenation of tissues and creates energetic balance.

Relieves muscle pain and tension. At the aesthetic level, the cupping massage shapes the body, toning the tissues, dissolving cellulite, and improving visibly the appearance.

Recommended once or twice a month.

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