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*The number of treatments in a package may vary according to specific needs.

Open only for women.


Dermastir hydrophilic serums are exclusive, concentrated serums for which ALTA CARE Laboratoires was originally named “la Maison des Sérums”: these special elixirs are well known among beauty professionals for their efficacy and quality. Presented in single-dose glass ampoules, these hydrophilic serums have low molecular weight and high concentrations of active ingredients, which are protected from oxidation and contamination in the mono-dose glass ampoules. This is a very different approach compared to many cosmetic products presented in a large salon-size packaging, which is convenient but ineffective in protecting the ingredients. The broad range of Dermastir hydrophilic serums allows for customized anti-wrinkle cocktails that can be personalized according to specific needs and issues, by mixing various ingredients to obtain a custom-made treatment!

This treatment is recommended for mature skins in need of a boost. The main benefit of this treatment is that active ingredients are actually and truly being used because of the airless packaging. this is not the case with the ‘professional’ king size bottles used in other salons. The products used in a salon during aesthetic treatments are of a lower quality than the products used at home. The synergy of the cocktail of ingredients that are used in this treatment is a real experience.

Recommended once a every 2-3 weeks.

To book this treatment it is recommended to first purchase this treatment online. When you receive the confirmation of the payment as an e-voucher on your email address phone +39 06 69380852, or email : to book the time and the day of your reservation. Print the e-voucher and present it at the reception as proof of purchase. All purchases online are valid for one year and the purchase is also transferable to another person. All purchases even upon request are transferable in the form of a gift voucher that can be mailed to you loved ones. For further assistance email customer service :

Cancellations / No attendance – Please allow a min. of 24hrs for cancellations.

The e-voucher can only be used once and it contains a unique reference number which once redeemed will invalidate the voucher. All e-vouchers purchased are non refundable. All transactions carried out on this web site are done in a secure environment. All information including your credit card details are sent over the internet in an encrypted format.

  • An aromapatch is applied to the top of the towel before the treatment commences to aid relaxation.

  • The face, neck and décolleté areas are cleansed using the Dermastir cleansing technique followed by the appropriate Dermastir toner.

  • Exfoliation is performed using appropriate technique.

  • A 10 minute facial massage will be performed using 3 – 4 different types Dermastir serums.

  • A mask is applied to the face, neck and décolleté and left for a few minutes.

  • Any residue will be removed with toner.

  • A facial massage will be performed for a further 10 minutes using 3 – 4 Dermastir serums.

  • Touching up of facial treatment with Dermastir fillers or transdermal technology.

  • Sarà eseguito un massaggio viso per altri 10 minuti usando 3 – 4 sieri Dermastir.

  • The treatment will then be completed with the application of the appropriate Dermastir day cream.

  • An aromapatch will then be given to prolong the aromatherapy effect even after treatment.

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