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Open only for women.


Clear skin means healthy skin and it is a necessary condition to undergo any aesthetic surgical procedure. Dermastir skin cleansing treatment with Vapozone UV System deeply cleanses skin of all the impurities, allowing the skin to breathe. Steam dilates pores and softens the stratum corneum, two conditions which facilitate comedone removal and deeper penetration of the Dermastir products which are used during the face massage. The steam becomes ozonated as the air comes in contact with radiations from the UV lamp installed onto the device. Ozone guarantees improved purification and reactivation of skin. The best aesthetic doctors recommend Dermastir skin cleansing sessions before aesthetic procedures, for best results.

Dermastir Vapozone is designed to open the pores and soften the skin to enable extraction and removal of impurities. The benefit of this treatment is that although many treatments start off with cleansing it is important to intensify cleansing. This intensive manual cleansing treatment is complimented by the vapour that opens the pores and the ozone that disinfects the pores. Dermastir multienzyme cleansers and toners are used throughout this treatment.

Recommended once a month.

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  • An aromapatch is applied to the top of the towel before the treatment commences to aid relaxation.

  • Facecupping welcome ritual is performed to relax the client and get them used to the therapist’s touch.

  • The face, neck and décolleté areas are cleansed using the Dermastir cleansing technique followed by the appropriate Dermastir toner.

  • Exfoliation is performed using appropriate technique.

  • Any residue is removed using damp cotton pads or sponges, followed by cotton pads saturated with toner.

  • Dermastir Vapozone is positioned so as the client’s face and neck are equally receiving vapour comfortably and left for 10-15 minutes.

  • Extraction is then performed where needed.

  • The appropriate Dermastir serum is then massaged onto the skin.

  • A mask is applied to the area and left for a few minutes.

  • While the mask is on a neck, shoulder and décolleté massage is performed to easy away tension.

  • Any residue is removed using damp cotton pads or sponges, followed by cotton pads saturated with toner.

  • Touching up of treatment with Dermastir fillers or transdermal technology.

  • The treatment is followed by the application of Dermastir day cream.

  • Facecupping finishing ritual is performed to complete the treatment. An aromapatch will then be given to prolong the aromatherapy effect even after treatment.

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