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*The number of treatments in a package may vary according to specific needs.

Open only for women.


Intensive personalized treatments based on specific issues and needs. The broad range of peel off muds and body wraps includes products with anti-cellulite, skin-tightening or fat-burning properties, with either a heating or a cold effect. They can stimulate tissues in depth and reactivate cells as a consequence of the treatment. The body wraps manufactured by Alta Care Laboratoires are based in alginates and do not need to be washed off, they are highly occlusive and release, during application time, elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium sulfates, minerals and vitamins contained in their special formulations. A personalized program with Dermastir body wraps will make your skin toned, hydrated and smooth from the first application.

Trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium sulfates and sodium, found in the body wraps, are absorbed through the skin. Once the skin is wrapped since the wrap is highly occlusive the micro circulation increases and the nutrients are absorbed better in the skin. The benefits of this peel off body wrap is that it is not messy and the results are observed immediately after the treatment.

Recommended once or twice a week.

To book this treatment it is recommended to first purchase this treatment online. When you receive the confirmation of the payment as an e-voucher on your email address phone +39 06 69380852, or email : to book the time and the day of your reservation. Print the e-voucher and present it at the reception as proof of purchase. All purchases online are valid for one year and the purchase is also transferable to another person. All purchases even upon request are transferable in the form of a gift voucher that can be mailed to you loved ones. For further assistance email customer service :

Cancellations / No attendance – Please allow a min. of 24hrs for cancellations.

The e-voucher can only be used once and it contains a unique reference number which once redeemed will invalidate the voucher. All e-vouchers purchased are non refundable. All transactions carried out on this web site are done in a secure environment. All information including your credit card details are sent over the internet in an encrypted format.

  • )Bearwalk welcome ritual is performed to get the client used to the therapist’s touch.

  • Dermastir Serum is applied to the body.

  • Body wraps are mixed in front of the client and then applied to the body.

  • Once dry the wrap is peeled off the client.

  • Appropriate Dermastir serum ampoules are massaged once again after the body wrap.

  • Altadrine Anti-Cellulite Patches are applied to areas of concern, this treatment should be repeated at home for 7 consecutive days.

  • Treatment is followed with application of Altadrine Gel.

  • Bearwalk finishing ritual is performed to finish the treatment.

  • An aromapatch will then be given to prolong the aromatherapy effect even after treatment.

  • The client is handed over 1 litre of the draining Altadrine thalasso drink that has to be drunk after the treatment.

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